Eric Ip

Group Managing Director

Hutchison Ports

In September 2016, Hutchison Port Holdings launched a global rebrand that underlines our long-established commitment to operate as a true global network, and our continued delivery of the highest standards of service to customers and partners.

Under the new name Hutchison Ports, our core values, and what we stand for as a network, are summed up by the word: UNITY (for more information on UNITY please visit our website:

The third year of our successful green campaign exemplifies these values and was marked by increased levels of participation at our container terminal operations around the globe.

The green campaign is organised together with global marine terminal operators APM Terminals, DP World, Port of Rotterdam Authority, PSA International and Shanghai International Port Group. In total, around 7,000 employees contributed nearly 14,000 man hours towards environmental causes.

Tree planting was central to the activities carried out by Hutchison Ports and covered everything from planting and weeding activities in nature reserves to protect biodiversity, to teaching local students how to plant and care for vegetable seedlings.

As with past events, joint activities between the participants’ business units in the same location were a focal event. This year a number of joint activities took place. By aligning the various green activities organised by all the participants over the course of a single week, we hope to demonstrate by example that environmental problems are everyone’s concern and we need to work together to tackle those issues.