Buenos Aires

On 24 September, on a clear and sunny day in the Puerto Madero area of Buenos Aires, almost 100 staff members and relatives of Hutchison Ports BACTSSA, PSA's Exolgan Container Terminal, DP World's Terminales Río de la Plata and APM's Buenos Aires Terminal 4 took part in the Carrera Verde (Green Race).

Running for a Cause

The annual activity – organized by the Buenos Aires city government, the Club de Corredores, and the NGO Forest Bank – calls attention to the value of parks and green spaces, as well as the negative consequences that can arise from overexploitation of natural resources.

Registration fees go to support Forest Bank. The organisation also accepts donations for the event. In the past, such contributions have saved a combined total of 70,000 trees. And, with over 5,000 runners attending this year, another impressive round of fundraising is expected.

At the race, the four terminals set up a meeting point where they could transmit information about Go Green to other racers.

Perfecting a Park

The next day, on the site of a kindergarten in the Palermo neighbourhood, the terminals came together again to take part in a group tree planting activity, organized by the NGO Plantarse.

Plantarse focuses on climate change awareness and mitigation measures that involve companies in workshops, environmental festivals, and other activities. Their objective is to promote a paradigm shift in awareness of the impact daily decisions can have on the environment

In total, 62 people from the four terminals planted 65 fruit trees and shrubs that would enhance the ecological value of the site, known as the Butterfly Garden. This also involved strengthening the perimeter with climbers and adding plants to a green labyrinth that had previously been assembled by parents and students for the purposes of education and recreation. Per year, the planted trees can remove approximately 1,495 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

"The objective of the activity is not only environmental but also has a social component,” said Plantarse Founder and Chairman Mariano Padró. “The undertaking of the activity in the school brings together parents, teachers and students."

He also raised a key point, stating that sustainability challenges individuals, businesses and governments. All must work together to change their habits and learn to live responsibly.

And, of course, it challenges families, as IT Services Manager Pablo Barralia pointed out.  “These activities have been an educational experience for me and my family,” he said. “I took the time to talk with my children about it, and my wife and I felt we were able to get a little closer to the task of conservation. We really enjoyed ourselves!”